New Added Extensions & Add-ons for Chrome or Chromium (New Releases)

Updated: September 21, 2023

New Releases in Extensions, Apps, Games or Themes

MimeType Enforcer crx 1.0 for Chrome New!

MimeType Enforcer

About: Adds default mimetypes to .css and .js files...

Maestro crx 0.2.2 for Chrome New!


About: prompt manager for ChatGPT...

TagMyFav crx 0.1.3 for Chrome New!


About: TagMyFav is a collaborative bookmarking solution to share your links in Microsoft Teams, Outlook & Word in Microsoft 365.... crx 3.0 for Chrome New!

About: AI Copy Writer...

Tab Shelf crx 2023.2.0 for Chrome New!

Tab Shelf

About: Manage your tabs from the side panel....

Open in WordPress Playground crx 0.0.1 for Chrome New!

Open in WordPress Playground

About: Launch WordPress Plugin or Theme in Playground...

OGame Tracker Beta crx 2022.11.24.22160 for Chrome New!

OGame Tracker Beta

About: This extension tracks information of the player and represents these graphically....

Uno Password Manager crx 1.0.37 for Chrome New!

Uno Password Manager

About: Auto sign-in to your Uno secured accounts and access your passwords + 2FA codes from the browser....

Meta Pixel Validator crx 1.0.1 for Chrome New!

Meta Pixel Validator

About: Meta Pixel validator Chrome extension: Optimize Facebook pixel. Debug & test pixel, check for errors, track user activity....

WritePanda crx 0.5 for Chrome New!


About: Your personal AI writing assistant....

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