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New! Luufy crx 1 for Chrome (Entertainment App)

Luufy CRX 1

Editor's word: Interesting Content Worth Sharing.

Updated! TV4ever crx for Chrome (Entertainment App)

TV4ever CRX

Editor's word: Record TV and radio from hundreds of station all over the World TV4ever is the modern version of a video recorder! It makes it….

Updated! Videostream for Google Chromecast crx 2.18.905.1 for Chrome (Entertainment App)

Videostream for Google Chromecast CRX 2.18.905.1

Editor's word: Play your downloaded videos on the Chromecastâ„¢ (any file type).

Updated! Burp and Fart Piano crx 2.0 for Chrome (Entertainment App)

Burp and Fart Piano CRX 2.0

Editor's word: With this app you can now fart and burp your favorite tunes without the risk of having to change your pants or throw up..

Updated! Media & Entertainment News crx 18.93 for Chrome (Entertainment App)

Media & Entertainment News CRX 18.93

Editor's word: Today's Top Stories, Entertainment News, Celebrity News, and Events..

Updated! Best LOL Pics crx 1.11 for Chrome (Entertainment App)

Best LOL Pics CRX 1.11

Editor's word: A collection of best & most Crazy,Hilarious and Funny photos from all over the Web.(updated regularly)..