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Updated! BeeBole crx 5 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

BeeBole CRX 5

Editor's word: Import real time data from your BeeBole account into your Google Sheet.

Updated! Employee Onboarding App crx 25 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

Employee Onboarding App CRX 25

Editor's word: This Google sheets add-on automates sending an offer letter to candidates & adding them to online tools..

Updated! FinanceSheets For Finance crx 2 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

FinanceSheets For Finance CRX 2

Editor's word: FinanceSheets transforms Google Sheets into a powerful business budget..

Updated! Workforce Dimensions Admin crx 7 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

Workforce Dimensions Admin CRX 7

Editor's word: Generate settings files which enable users to connect to Workforce Dimensions from their Google Sheets..

Updated! Workforce Dimensions Reports crx 9 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

Workforce Dimensions Reports CRX 9

Editor's word: Import Workforce Dimensions data into your Sheets. Save reports and refresh them as needed..

Updated! Bevrly Inventory crx 53 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

Bevrly Inventory CRX 53

Editor's word: An add-on to send your spreadsheet's inventory figures to Bevrly.

Updated! GA Parameters Extractor crx 2 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

GA Parameters Extractor CRX 2

Editor's word: Isolate all query string parameters from the Page URLs in your Google Analytics views along with the number of times they appear..

Updated! Tiller crx 86 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

Tiller CRX 86

Editor's word: Your financial life in a Google Spreadsheet, automatically updated each day. Includes templates for personal finance and business..