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Updated! arrayThis crx 20 for Chrome (Utilities App)

arrayThis CRX 20

Editor's word: Copies the formula and (optional) format of the top left-most cell across a range, respecting absolute and relative cell references..

Updated! Sheetgo crx 435 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Sheetgo CRX 435

Editor's word: Connect your Google Sheets with Excel, Google Sheets or CSV. Automatically import, export, centralize, consolidate or filter data..

Updated! Hanging Indent crx 8 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Hanging Indent CRX 8

Editor's word: Adding hanging indents within Google Docs can be a boring and time consuming task, but no more. Use this Add-on for your Google….

Updated! MultiCopy Clipboard crx 3.0.5 for Chrome (Utilities App)

MultiCopy Clipboard CRX 3.0.5

Editor's word: MultiCopy Clipboard is a smart and beautiful app that lets you copy as many things as you like to the clipboard. You'll never lose….

New! NoteBook crx 4.3.0 for Chrome (Utilities App)

NoteBook CRX 4.3.0

Editor's word: Keep your notes, tasks, schedule with labels, and stay clean, elegant and secure.

Updated! Hasler Race Sheets crx 5 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Hasler Race Sheets CRX 5

Editor's word: Manage race data in Google spreadsheets. Built to support UK canoe marathon racing Hasler series, or other types via templates..

Updated! StoreValue crx 7 for Chrome (Utilities App)

StoreValue CRX 7

Editor's word: Improve the performance of documents by storing values in a custom function..

Updated! Simple Note crx 0.2.0 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Simple Note CRX 0.2.0

Editor's word: A simple note, which can be booted as a standalone desktop app, content will be automatically synced under the same Google account.

Updated! Onshape BOM crx 34 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Onshape BOM CRX 34

Editor's word: Extract Bills of Materials (BOM) part lists and update metadata from connected Onshape Assemblies..