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Updated! arrayThis crx 22 for Chrome (Utilities App)

arrayThis CRX 22

Editor's word: Copies the formula and (optional) format of the top left-most cell across a range, respecting absolute and relative cell references..

Updated! Cloud Ignite crx 29 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Cloud Ignite CRX 29

Editor's word: EnClout's Cloud Ignite brings the power of APIs to Google Sheets. You can retrieve data from web services using custom functions.

Updated! Writer's Highlighter crx 20 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Writer's Highlighter CRX 20

Editor's word: Highlight words or phrases in a Document using a list from a Spreadsheet!.

Updated! Formulas by Top Contributors crx 11 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Formulas by Top Contributors CRX 11

Editor's word: Formulas that run without calling a service, like MATRIX, SQLJOINS, CONSTANTS, ROWTOTALS, UTILITIES, BRAILLE, MORSE.

Updated! Database Browser crx 25 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Database Browser CRX 25

Editor's word: Query your Database and edit from Google sheet..

New! Flickr Exporter crx 3 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Flickr Exporter CRX 3

Editor's word: After obtaining read access to your Flickr account, this tool generates downloadable URLs to pictures in your Flickr galleries.

Updated! Documents by Top Contributors crx 3 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Documents by Top Contributors CRX 3

Editor's word: Add-on for Google Documents with custom functionality, created by Top Contributors.

Updated! Superuser Tools crx 4 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Superuser Tools CRX 4

Editor's word: Dozens of superuser features at your fingertips! Get your slides looking pixel-perfect to better showcase your ideas.