Top Free Utilities Apps for Google Chrome

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Updated! Secure Shell crx 0.8.45 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Secure Shell CRX 0.8.45

Editor's word: Terminal emulator and SSH client..

Updated! Sheetgo crx 432 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Sheetgo CRX 432

Editor's word: Connect your Google Sheets with Excel, Google Sheets or CSV. Automatically import, export, centralize, consolidate or filter data..

Updated! Ubiquiti Discovery Tool crx 0.2.47 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Ubiquiti Discovery Tool CRX 0.2.47

Editor's word: Discover Ubiquiti devices on your local network..

New! Kditor crx 4.0.6 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Kditor CRX 4.0.6

Editor's word: Indic Script Transliterator.

New! SnipLists crx 1.3 for Chrome (Utilities App)

SnipLists CRX 1.3

Editor's word: Lists of code snippets, urls, notes.

Updated! Mini Wiktionary crx for Chrome (Utilities App)

Mini Wiktionary CRX

Editor's word: This free app provides filling out PDF forms. Text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, add signature and other form elements..

Updated! Database Browser crx 21 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Database Browser CRX 21

Editor's word: Query your Database and edit from Google sheet..

Updated! Formulas by Top Contributors crx 6 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Formulas by Top Contributors CRX 6

Editor's word: Formulas that run without calling a service, like MATRIX, SQLJOINS, CONSTANTS, ROWTOTALS, UTILITIES, BRAILLE, MORSE.

Updated! Two-way Geocoding crx 5 for Chrome (Utilities App)

Two-way Geocoding CRX 5

Editor's word: Geocode addresses or coordinates and see your locations on the map..