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Updated! Bologna Law Review crx 3 for Chrome (Education App)

Bologna Law Review CRX 3

Editor's word: A custom LaTeX conversion engine for the University of Bologna Law Review.

Updated! Fast Quiz crx 70 for Chrome (Education App)

Fast Quiz CRX 70

Editor's word: Students or teachers can create a Fast Quiz. This add-on convert a Sheets to a Google Form and give live feedback by email.

Updated! Fast Team crx 39 for Chrome (Education App)

Fast Team CRX 39

Editor's word: You can create 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 teams or pick only one student. You can now create your Classroom Plan.

Updated! Fast Mail crx 61 for Chrome (Education App)

Fast Mail CRX 61

Editor's word: Fast Mail is a merge tool to send email with your Gmail account. Send over 500 messages a day with a specific date and time..

Updated! Tabify crx 22 for Chrome (Education App)

Tabify CRX 22

Editor's word: Tabify allows you to organize your spreadsheet data or Form Responses by creating a tab for each unique value found in a column..

Updated! Accounts Manager crx 88 for Chrome (Education App)

Accounts Manager CRX 88

Editor's word: Manages user accounts. Create users, change passwords and organisations. Also delete accounts and change various properties v3.07.8.

Updated! Grade Reports for Google Classroom crx 50 for Chrome (Education App)

Grade Reports for Google Classroom CRX 50

Editor's word: Create beautiful grade reports for your Google Classroom. Provides an overview of how your students are performing in your class..

Updated! MathType crx 17 for Chrome (Education App)

MathType CRX 17

Editor's word: Type and handwrite mathematical notation. The popular equation editor now in Google. Support for chemical notation included..

Updated! Imagine Learning Student crx 3.129.4589.1 for Chrome (Education App)

Imagine Learning Student CRX 3.129.4589.1

Editor's word: Students can get access to Imagine Español® and Imagine Language & Literacy® through the Imagine Learning Student app..