New Added Extensions for Chrome or Chromium (New Releases)

Updated: February 15, 2024

New Releases in Extensions for Chrome or Chromium browser

Correkt crx for Chrome New!


About: Automatically summarize articles/videos/PDFs, answer complex questions, schedule repeating tasks, detect misinformation, and more!...

Visibly crx 0.9.0 for Chrome New!


About: Complete pull requests on GitHub more quickly, more collaboratively, and more Visibly....

Sifter crx 1.0.0 for Chrome New!


About: A simple but effective text annotator, which helps save annotations from the web....

Acronymus crx 1.44 for Chrome New!


About: When viewing web page, click the Acronymus icon to expanded finance abbreviations and see tooltips for finance terms...

Tab Keeper crx 1.3.1 for Chrome New!

Tab Keeper

About: Efficiently save and synchronize tabs across devices without the need for personal logins....

BookmarkPilot crx 1.22 for Chrome New!


About: Search and Export your X/Twitter bookmarks with complete privacy....

MoliAI crx 1.3.6 for Chrome New!


About: MoliAI浏览器插件版...

Core Web Vitals Inspector crx 1.0 for Chrome New!

Core Web Vitals Inspector

About: Find scrips that bring down your Core Web Vitals scores...

Easy Highlight crx 1.4.0 for Chrome New!

Easy Highlight

About: Automatically detect and highlight multiple words and phrases from your customized list on any webpage...

EcDiff crx 0.2.0 for Chrome New!


About: Beautifies Git and CVS code patches on the browser....

More New Added Extensions