New Added Social & Communication Extensions for Chrome or Chromium (New Releases)

Updated: October 4, 2022

New Releases in Social & Communication Extensions for Chrome or Chromium browser

Lazy Chatters crx 0.0.1 for Chrome New!

Lazy Chatters

About: Get notification when someone mention you on Twitch chat. Have your copy pasta ready with shortcut....

Genius Disconnector crx 2.0.19 for Chrome New!

Genius Disconnector

About: Remove inactive and deactivated friends from FB...

SIR Image Renamer crx 1.7.0 for Chrome New!

SIR Image Renamer

About: SIR is an Image Renamer., Provides meaningful image names when saving on Pixiv, Deviantart, Artstation, etc....

Group Maximizer crx 1.01.12 for Chrome New!

Group Maximizer

About: Group Maximizer helps you better manage your social media groups to monetize them....

Deviant Notify crx 1.5.1 for Chrome New!

Deviant Notify

About: Keep track of your DeviantArt notifications and messages in (almost) real time...

BitSmall crx 1 for Chrome New!


About: BitSmall allows you to send images, videos, files anywhere...

TMate crx for Chrome New!


About: Live audio chat and collaborate with teammates on top of any web-app....

Netsapiens HQ crx 0.16.05 for Chrome New!

Netsapiens HQ

About: Integration powered by Netsapiens...

Work Hub for Teams crx 5.0 for Chrome New!

Work Hub for Teams

About: Manage your team on this low profile client for Microsoft Teams. Meetings, calls, video available on mobile looking App....

Stream Live crx 2.2.0 for Chrome New!

Stream Live

About: Follow your favorite streams on Youtube, Twitch and WASD...

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