New Added Developer Tools Extensions for Chrome or Chromium (New Releases)

Updated: November 30, 2023

New Releases in Developer Tools Extensions for Chrome or Chromium browser

Adobe Launch Debugger crx 0.87 for Chrome New!

Adobe Launch Debugger

About: An open source updated debugger for Adobe Launch and Analytics for developers and analysts....

Eyelet Editor crx 2.6 for Chrome New!

Eyelet Editor

About: Create interactive onboarding guidance and help your customers be self-organised inside your product...

CleancodeJSON crx 1.5 for Chrome New!


About: A simple tool to format json....

JSON Downloader crx 1.0 for Chrome New!

JSON Downloader

About: Select and right click the JSON of a Lottie animation online and download!...

Akita OpenAPI Spec Generator crx 0.4.8 for Chrome New!

Akita OpenAPI Spec Generator

About: Drop in Akita for instant API observability...

Metadata Viewer crx 1.0.0 for Chrome New!

Metadata Viewer

About: View metadata of the current website inside Devtools....

Xpath Ninja crx 2.0.1 for Chrome New!

Xpath Ninja

About: Generates xpath on clicking the element....

GitHub Hide Whitespace crx 0.0.1 for Chrome New!

GitHub Hide Whitespace

About: Automatically check the 'Hide whitespace' option on the GitHub pull request diff view, when it's not already checked....

ChatGPT Copy as Markdown crx 0.0.3 for Chrome New!

ChatGPT Copy as Markdown

About: This is an extension to copy conversations with ChatGPT to the clipboard as markdown format., Click the icon or use the shortcut…...

Next Experience Developer Tools crx 3.1.4 for Chrome New!

Next Experience Developer Tools

About: Debugging/Profiling tools for your ServiceNow Next Experiences....

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