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Updated! Shortfuts crx 5.8.18 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

Shortfuts CRX 5.8.18

Editor's word: Exposes keyboard shortcuts for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) web app..

Updated! VTT Enhancement Suite crx 1.13.0 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

VTT Enhancement Suite CRX 1.13.0

Editor's word: aka R20ES. Provides quality-of-life and workflow speed improvements to Roll20..

Updated! 梦中人影视云 crx 1.05 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

梦中人影视云 CRX 1.05

Editor's word: 各大视频网站云解析,去广告,免VIP,支持爱奇艺、优酷、乐视等视频网站,跳过广告+完全免费VIP视频解析!.

Updated! Legendary Guides crx 3.0.1 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

Legendary Guides CRX 3.0.1

Editor's word: Top League of Legends Guides and Counters..

Updated! EndlessVideo crx 2.2 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

EndlessVideo CRX 2.2

Editor's word: Loop full or partial YouTube videos..

Updated! Time to be Hero - Assistant crx 1.0.47 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

Time to be Hero - Assistant CRX 1.0.47

Editor's word: Expand your possibilities in the game.

Updated! Searcher for Discogs crx 4.0.13 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

Searcher for Discogs CRX 4.0.13

Editor's word: Allows to listen to tracks on Discogs by clicking on it..

Updated! ImprovedTube Beta crx 1.9.6 for Chrome (Fun Extension)

ImprovedTube Beta CRX 1.9.6

Editor's word: Make YouTube wonderful&Keep It clean! YouTube Player Size Playback Quality Auto HD Speed Style Adblock Volume Playlist Channel H.264.