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BattleTabs is a free Fun Extension for Chrome. You could download the latest version crx file or old version crx files and install it.

More About BattleTabs

Play with Friends! Battles with viking ships in your browser new tab with your friends and other players. Queue up multiple matches and play a few seconds at a time in-between studying / working!

- if you want to keep your default new tab page, you can also turn off the new tab mode in the settings and play using the browser button.

- Super Bite-sized Gameplay, Perfect for the Few Seconds You Have to Take a Break in-between Tasks
- Play with Your Friends!
- Intense Multiplayer Action with Unique Ships and Monsters
- Turn-based Classic Gameplay with Exciting Special Attacks
- Two game modes. Play Intense mode in real-time, or take longer turns in Casual mode.
- Build Your Own Fleets!
- Queue Up Multiple Matches
- Vikings!

How to Play BattleTabs:

🛶 Find us on:
- Discord: (10k members! 😀)
- Reddit:
- To support the development on the game, we may show advertisements in the product. We will make sure they don't detract from the experience of the game!

⛵️Updates: (more on

**New in 16.0 (19/07/2021)**
- New Feature: Custom Emotes! Now express how you feel with BattleTabs themed emotes, expect more to come here!

- New Ship: "See Slug" - "Choose 2 tiles to reveal", this ship is reserved to BattleClub members so join now if you want to play it!
- Magic Mirror is now no longer reserved to just BattleClub members, anyone can use it once you have unlocked it.

- Increased the size of the "version too low" indicator
- Updated the art for the pirate hat so it correctly covers the hair
- The "Announcements" modal has had a bit of a facelift
- The battle cannot be surrendered until 20 turns have been taken
- The extension on-boarding experience has had a few tweaks
- The browser badge now once again correctly shows any remaining actions you have
- Emotes are no longer native and use the "Google" theme. This is so that the emote experience is consistent across operating systems.
- Fixed an issue with "Combo" ships where clicking an already hit square would cause the game to freeze
- The Turle's ability once again works if you sink a ship with its attack
- Added an "edit" button the Profile Modal to make it more obvious that you can change your avatar
- Tweaked the padding to the avatar on the right side of the battle
- Asset downloads now retry 3 times if they fail
- Streamers must once again have the correct Discord role to have their stream announced in-game
- Fixed an issue where setting a newtab URL without a "protocol" (http/https) would break the newtab functionality (thanks panda)

**New in 15.0 (13/07/2021)**
- New Feature: Custom Avatars! You can now build your perfect avatar from a range of different parts. Battle CLub members get access to exclusive parts. Lots more parts coming soon!
- Ship Change: The "Medium Galleon" is now known simply as "Galleon" and had its ability to "Attacks twice." and its cooldown reduced to 3.
- Fixed a couple of Critical Error issues that would happen if you took your turn right as someone surrendered.
- Fixed a critical error that would happen if you tried to play the game on mobile.
- Tweaked the fleet designer screen a little so that the fleet name isnt obscured when scrolling
- Added more of a delay before showing the Game Over Modal
- Added a new discord logo for the dashboard button
- BattleTabs Live now has custom messages for winning streaks beyond 50 (you guys are incredible!)
- Improved BattleTabs Live so that you can view replays by clicking a link
- Improved the "!bt list-matches" command so that you can view the replays by clicking
- Fixed some issues with the Replay View not showing the correct cell underneath ships (thanks Kraz)
- Fixed an issue with the Replay View not showing ships if the battle was surrendered
- Fixed a bug that would say a player was streaming when they weren't

**New in 14.2 (08/07/2021)**
- Fixed the browser icon not being clickable in the extension (thanks bpf99).

**New in 14.1 (07/07/2021)**
- When a user starts streaming their name should now correctly show and not be ''
- If a user is streaming when you open the game it will now show the icon above the discord button
- The discord button once again has an orange badge even if someone isnt streaming
- Clicking the discord button if a player is streaming will take you to the streaming channel.
- Hopefully fixed an issue where the game would crash if you clicked at exactly the wrong time between turns.
- Added some HTML meta tags to make link sharing a little nicer
- Destroying the longsub with the longboat will now end the longboat's combo
- Fixed an issue in the friends list where long names would push the action buttons off the right hand side.
- Improved the performance of the friends list.

**New in 14.0 (06/07/2021)**
- New feature: Streaming Announcements. There is now an in-game notification when a player with the @Battle Steamer role starts streaming in the Discord channel #BattleTabs Streaming :)
- Battle Replays are now sharable to players not in the battle and even to people that dont play the game. Either press the "Share" button (top left) or copy the URL from the browser bar.

- Coracle has been tweaked: "Sniper, can only play in revealed tiles. Reveals a random unoccupied tile on your grid when you play a regular attack". This was done to try to reduce some of the boring coracle vs coracle showdowns that happen at the end of the battle.
- Medium Galleon has been tweaked: "Attack 3 times. Cooldown is reset when damaged.". This should make it a bit more powerful but also makes your opponent a little wary about when to damage it.
- Large Sub has been tweaked: "Sonar. Is revealed to the other player when the ability is used. Self-destructs when only 1 tile remains.". This in effect reduces the size of the ship by 1.

- Replays now start at the beginning if the replay button is pressed from the game over modal.
- Fixed an issue where it would appear that players were online when they werent.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong google profile image would show up on the wrong person
- Fixed missing stats for some people
- Removed the ability to press the replay button from the "waiting for opponent" screen.
- Can once again see other peoples fleets from the Profile Modal.
- Fixed an issue where changing the URL in the extension would cause a crash.
- "Match Info" modal has now been removed as the replay feature superseeds it.

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