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Updated! Mabl Trainer crx 1.4.17 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

Mabl Trainer CRX 1.4.17

Editor's word: This extension allows a user to train mabl on how to test your web applications user flows..

Updated! Module Linker crx 2.1.0 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

Module Linker CRX 2.1.0

Editor's word: Add direct links to imported modules on GitHub source code..

Updated! Refined GitHub crx for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

Refined GitHub CRX

Editor's word: Simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features.

Updated! PerfectPixel crx 1.93.11 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

PerfectPixel CRX 1.93.11

Editor's word: This extension helps develop your websites with per pixel accuracy!.

New! Ultimate FBA Calculator crx 5.1 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

Ultimate FBA Calculator CRX 5.1

Editor's word: This is an Amazon FBA ROI calculator and an Amazon FBA profit calculator..

Updated! YuiAPI crx 0.8.1 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

YuiAPI CRX 0.8.1

Editor's word: REST Client, Api Test and document.

Updated! Google Analytics and Segment Helper by VICE crx 2.0.16 for Chrome (Developer Tools Extension)

Google Analytics and Segment Helper by VICE CRX 2.0.16

Editor's word: The Google Analytics and Segment Helper by VICE provides a visual way to track analytics calls without opening the chrome console!.