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Updated! Bologna Law Review crx 3 for Chrome (Education App)

Bologna Law Review CRX 3

Editor's word: A custom LaTeX conversion engine for the University of Bologna Law Review.

Updated! Greetings from the British Library crx 6 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Greetings from the British Library CRX 6

Editor's word: Create greetings cards using public domain images from the British Library..

Updated! Fast Quiz crx 70 for Chrome (Education App)

Fast Quiz CRX 70

Editor's word: Students or teachers can create a Fast Quiz. This add-on convert a Sheets to a Google Form and give live feedback by email.

Updated! Scheduler crx 59 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Scheduler CRX 59

Editor's word: Makes out a yearly schedule for up to 27 on call doctors. Prevents back to back weekend and weekday assignments..

Updated! Fast Keyboard crx 4 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Fast Keyboard CRX 4

Editor's word: Fast Keyboard let you add special character in few seconds in Google Docs..

Updated! NewsWhip Sheets crx 18 for Chrome (Business Tools App)

NewsWhip Sheets CRX 18

Editor's word: Add social intelligence to your Google Sheets docs. Fetch data from NewsWhip and populate it quickly into your Google Sheet..

Updated! CloudApp for Google Slides crx 6 for Chrome (Productivity App)

CloudApp for Google Slides CRX 6

Editor's word: The #1 screen recorder for Chrome. Capture your screen, webcam, and instantly share videos and screenshots in seconds..

Updated! CSE Search crx 29 for Chrome (Productivity App)

CSE Search CRX 29

Editor's word: Return results from a Google custom search engine..

Updated! arrayThis crx 20 for Chrome (Utilities App)

arrayThis CRX 20

Editor's word: Copies the formula and (optional) format of the top left-most cell across a range, respecting absolute and relative cell references..

Updated! Fast Team crx 39 for Chrome (Education App)

Fast Team CRX 39

Editor's word: You can create 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 teams or pick only one student. You can now create your Classroom Plan.