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Updated! Fillable Slide crx 9 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Fillable Slide CRX 9

Editor's word: Make your Google Slide a live Fillable Form to store, publish and deliver..

Updated! Shift Scheduler crx 232 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Shift Scheduler CRX 232

Editor's word: Automatically create and maintain your organization's schedule in a single spreadsheet that automatically creates Google Calendar….

Updated! G Merge crx 105 for Chrome (Productivity App)

G Merge CRX 105

Editor's word: Mail merge & document merge with attachments. Merges Sheets, Docs, PDF or Email. Includes Email tracking & templates library.

Updated! Fillable Document crx 31 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Fillable Document CRX 31

Editor's word: Make your Google Document a live Fillable Form to store, publish and deliver..

Updated! AirMirror crx 1.9.6 for Chrome (Productivity App)

AirMirror CRX 1.9.6

Editor's word: A plugin that enables AirMirror in AirDroid Web.

Updated! PDFfiller crx 1.0.3 for Chrome (Productivity App)

PDFfiller CRX 1.0.3

Editor's word: Easily edit, annotate, eSign and transform any PDF from Google Drive into a fillable PDF form..

Updated! Jotform Data crx 10 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Jotform Data CRX 10

Editor's word: Return detailed data from JotForm in any spreadsheet..

Updated! Drive Direct Links crx 14 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Drive Direct Links CRX 14

Editor's word: Generate direct download links for your Google drive files. It can also act as your drive file manager with a configuration setting..

Updated! Text gBlaster (SMS Texting) crx 42 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Text gBlaster (SMS Texting) CRX 42

Editor's word: Send customized bulk SMS texts from Google Sheets. Try it with 50 free credits! Perfect for fast text messaging to multiple devices..

Updated! Export Sheet Data crx 48 for Chrome (Productivity App)

Export Sheet Data CRX 48

Editor's word: Open source add-on for Google Sheets that allows users to export individual tabs or entire spreadsheets as XML or JSON..