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Updated! Serenity crx 1.2 for Chrome (Theme)

Serenity CRX 1.2

Editor's word: A tranquil backdrop for browsing.

Updated! Classic Blue crx 2.2 for Chrome (Theme)

Classic Blue CRX 2.2

Editor's word: Just like the old days ;).

New! Just Black crx 2 for Chrome (Theme)

Just Black CRX 2

Editor's word: Just Black: when you're feeling extra moody.

New! Pretty in Pink crx 2 for Chrome (Theme)

Pretty in Pink CRX 2

Editor's word: Love pink? This theme’s for you..

New! High Contrast Colorful crx 2.1 for Chrome (Theme)

High Contrast Colorful CRX 2.1

Editor's word: The brightest of the bright. The darkest of the dark..

New! Marsala crx 2 for Chrome (Theme)

Marsala CRX 2

Editor's word: Marsala: warm and sweet, like a summer in Italy.

New! Sea Foam crx 1.1 for Chrome (Theme)

Sea Foam CRX 1.1

Editor's word: Sea Foam: You can almost smell the ocean.

New! Rose crx 2 for Chrome (Theme)

Rose CRX 2

Editor's word: Rose: A blush of color for your browser.

New! Honeysuckle crx 1.3 for Chrome (Theme)

Honeysuckle CRX 1.3

Editor's word: Evoking warm summer days and sweet botanical fragrances.

New! Black & White crx 2.1 for Chrome (Theme)

Black & White CRX 2.1

Editor's word: Black & White: a timeless combination.