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More Productivity Extensions for Chrome

Prolific Darkmode crx for Chrome New!

Prolific Darkmode

About: Darkmode for Prolific...

NetSuite Transaction Tree crx 2.3.0 for Chrome New!

NetSuite Transaction Tree

About: Netsuite Transaction Tree Browser By Waleed Bin Khalid ( allows the users to view and delete the…...

Cooby crx 1.39.4 for Chrome


About: Find the chat thread you want faster, and never miss a message again by modernizing your WhatsApp....

Show My IP Addresses (External and Local) crx 0.7.3 for Chrome

Show My IP Addresses (External and Local)

About: This extension shows the external&internal IP addresses when you click the extension icon.

RevSeller crx 2.7.8 for Chrome


About: Product research tool for third-party Amazon sellers that estimates FBA fees, margin, ROI, and details about Variations....

LeadMagicX crx 1.3.7 for Chrome


About: LeadMagicX is an easy way to filter, organize and convert thousands of messenger prospects so that you can save time, rank advance…...

Blueticks crx 4.2.6 for Chrome


About: Manage tasks, send personalized message campaigns, schedule future message - the ultimate whatsapp tool for managers...

PlanMoreTrips crx 2.0.8 for Chrome


About: PlanMoreTrips - Automatically save money when booking travel online...

Initium New Tab crx 4.27.4 for Chrome

Initium New Tab

About: A new tab page that includes features such as top sites, current weather, RSS reader, calendar and much more....

FlowChat CRM crx 1.4.3 for Chrome

FlowChat CRM

About: FlowChat CRM...