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Updated! GSM MailMerge crx 103 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

GSM MailMerge CRX 103

Editor's word: Mail Merge with Google Sheets and Google Mail. Send easy and fast personalized emails! The app is complete free and not limited!.

Updated! Multi Messenger App crx 4.1.2 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Multi Messenger App CRX 4.1.2

Editor's word: Multi messenger Launcher combines services like whatsapp and others into one simple app..

Updated! Dialpad (Switch) crx 17.83.3 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Dialpad (Switch) CRX 17.83.3

Editor's word: Dialpad is communications for the modern workplace..

New! Kaleyra SMS crx 1 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Kaleyra SMS CRX 1

Editor's word: Now you can directly send SMS from Google spreadsheets by installing the Kaleyra SMS Add on..

Updated! FluentCloud WebPhone crx 3.4.0 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

FluentCloud WebPhone CRX 3.4.0

Editor's word: FluentCloud WebPhone is a revolution in business phone communications..

Updated! Lockify crx for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Lockify CRX

Editor's word: Securely send private info to anyone. It's easy as sharing a Lockify Link using your existing email/chat/SMS/etc..

Updated! SeeOnce privacy crx 1.2.4 for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

SeeOnce privacy CRX 1.2.4

Editor's word: High strength end-to-end encryption with perfect forward secrecy for your favorite email, plus real-time secure chat.

Updated! PassLok Privacy crx 2.4.8 for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

PassLok Privacy CRX 2.4.8

Editor's word: High security asymmetric encryption for text, files and chat. You keep the Key secret and give out the matching Lock.

Updated! Copy & Paste Emoji Keyboard 2018 crx for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Copy & Paste Emoji Keyboard 2018 CRX

Editor's word: 2800 emoji, symbols & smileys ready to copy and paste! Get meanings, pictures and codes!.