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Updated! Web Messenger crx 0.2.4 for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

Web Messenger CRX 0.2.4

Editor's word: Access to WhatsApp official Web messenger in a standalone sandboxed window.

Updated! Quick Links crx 1.6 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Quick Links CRX 1.6

Editor's word: Quick Links to your news feed, messages, calendar and more on Facebook.

Updated! FluentCloud WebPhone crx 4.0.0 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

FluentCloud WebPhone CRX 4.0.0

Editor's word: FluentCloud WebPhone is a revolution in business phone communications..

Updated! Dialpad (Switch) crx 17.91.2 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Dialpad (Switch) CRX 17.91.2

Editor's word: Dialpad is communications for the modern workplace..

Updated! FluentCloud Live Manager crx 0.11.13 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

FluentCloud Live Manager CRX 0.11.13

Editor's word: FluentCloud Live Monitor allows you to view and manage your calls from Chrome.

New! Reply-to-sheet crx 1 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Reply-to-sheet CRX 1

Editor's word: 1) Ask the recipients of your mass emailing to CC an address when they reply. 2) Relax while we collect the responses in the sheet..

Updated! Talkdesk Callbar crx 1.19.15 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Talkdesk Callbar CRX 1.19.15

Editor's word: Experience the Talkdesk Callbar outside of a webpage!.

New! TalkGator crx for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

TalkGator CRX

Editor's word: TalkGator is a Social Dating Site for the American community especially for the people of Florida & Texas..