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Updated! Google Hangouts crx 2018.1213.1433.2 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Google Hangouts CRX 2018.1213.1433.2

Editor's word: Hangouts Chrome App is deprecated. Please switch to the Hangouts Chrome Extension..

Updated! Photo Search crx 5.1 for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

Photo Search CRX 5.1

Editor's word: Welcome to the best free photo search engine online. Discover and share the most amazing photos here..

Updated! FluentCloud Live Manager crx 0.11.16 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

FluentCloud Live Manager CRX 0.11.16

Editor's word: FluentCloud Live Monitor allows you to view and manage your calls from Chrome.

New! Google Groups crx 1.4 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

Google Groups CRX 1.4

Editor's word: The new Google Groups is an improved way to participate in online discussions..

Updated! FindThatLead crx 31 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

FindThatLead CRX 31

Editor's word: FindThatLead┬┤s new Google Spreadsheet add-on allows you to generate the email of your contacts from a Google Spreadsheet..

Updated! GSM MailMerge crx 107 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

GSM MailMerge CRX 107

Editor's word: Mail Merge with Google Sheets and Google Mail. Send easy and fast personalized emails! The app is complete free and not limited!.

Updated! PassLok Privacy crx 2.4.9 for Chrome (Social & Communication Extension)

PassLok Privacy CRX 2.4.9

Editor's word: High security asymmetric encryption for text, files and chat. You keep the Key secret and give out the matching Lock.

Updated! FluentCloud WebPhone crx 4.0.9 for Chrome (Social & Communication App)

FluentCloud WebPhone CRX 4.0.9

Editor's word: FluentCloud WebPhone is a revolution in business phone communications..