New Added Fun Extensions for Chrome or Chromium (New Releases)

Updated: March 4, 2024

New Releases in Fun Extensions for Chrome or Chromium browser

Animated Cursors Forever crx 1.4 for Chrome New!

Animated Cursors Forever

About: Chrome extension that brings animated cursors back to the web! Supports .ani and .cur files....

Draft Rankings Integrator crx 1.1 for Chrome New!

Draft Rankings Integrator

About: Streamline your draft experience and elevate your team management with unparalleled convenience....

Last Layer Alg Viewer crx 0.92 for Chrome New!

Last Layer Alg Viewer

About: Transform any Last Layer algorithm for 3x3 cubes into an image that shows the case it solves....

Letterboxd Expanded crx 1.0 for Chrome New!

Letterboxd Expanded

About: A Chrome extension for customizing UI/UX on the website

Antiquer crx 2.3 for Chrome New!


About: Add diaereses and ligatures to English text....

Tildes MC Status Indicators crx 1.2.1 for Chrome New!

Tildes MC Status Indicators

About: Appends DynMap links to usernames on

Subtitle Reader for Netflix crx 0.0.2 for Chrome New!

Subtitle Reader for Netflix

About: Subtitle Reader for Netflix 🎥🎧 Transform your viewing experience by turning subtitles into an immersive auditory adventure...

TwitterBird crx 1.2 for Chrome New!


About: Changes the "X" brand back to Twitter...

Stimulating Split Screen crx 1.0 for Chrome New!

Stimulating Split Screen

About: Watch satisfying videos next to anything you want!...

What's My Word Count crx for Chrome New!

What's My Word Count

About: Tells you how many words you type in a day!...

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