New Added Photos Extensions for Chrome or Chromium (New Releases)

Updated: March 4, 2024

New Releases in Photos Extensions for Chrome or Chromium browser

Collecta crx 2.1.0 for Chrome New!


About: Browser extension to save images and upload them to Collecta....

PictoVorous crx 2.1 for Chrome New!


About: SlideShow from pics (500px, flickr, instagram,ArtStation, pinterest, google image...)...

Midjourney Images Batch Downloader crx 1.0.0 for Chrome New!

Midjourney Images Batch Downloader

About: This is an extension for downloading images when using Midjourney in Discord, very simple and easy to use...

SketchRemaker crx 1.0.1 for Chrome New!


About: Let SketchRemaker be your most powerful AI drawing assistant for sketch to image....

Midjourney Grid Splitter crx 1.0.0 for Chrome New!

Midjourney Grid Splitter

About: Split a grid of images (like a 4-by-4) generated by diffusion models by Midjourney or Stable Diffusion into individual images....

Quick Text-to-Image crx 1.0.0 for Chrome New!

Quick Text-to-Image

About: Generate an image using AI in an instant....

Pixabay PNG crx 1.0.0 for Chrome New!

Pixabay PNG

About: Pixabay PNG...

PS 图片快拖助手 crx 1.0 for Chrome New!

PS 图片快拖助手

About: 图片快拖助手,可提取页面上所有的图片,该助手主要用来辅助【PS插件 · 图片快拖】进行使用,免下载一键拖曳图片到Photoshop里,让您做设计更高效。...

Better Image Preview crx 1.1.0 for Chrome New!

Better Image Preview

About: Customize the image preview page....

Show The Image crx 1.0.0 for Chrome New!

Show The Image

About: Press Ctrl/Cmd+Q to show the largest image in the page...

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