Most Installed Education Apps for Chrome or Chromium (Most Installed)

Updated: March 2, 2024

Most Installed in Education Apps for Chrome or Chromium browser

Google Classroom crx 1.8 for Chrome

Google Classroom

About: Classroom helps teachers save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students...

Kami (Notable PDF) crx 2.8 for Chrome

Kami  (Notable PDF)

About: Best PDF and Document Annotation and Markup Tool. Works with Google Drive and Google Classroom...

EasyBib Bibliography Creator crx 47 for Google Docs

EasyBib Bibliography Creator

About: The easiest automatic bibliography citation generator is now on Google Docs! Format in MLA, APA, Harvard, and over 7K more styles!...

TestNav crx 1.12.6 for Chrome


About: Online Testing App from Pearson...

TypingClub crx 6.0 for Chrome


About: Master touch typing using this free game / educational program. This online program will assist you with learning and improving…...

Desmos Graphing Calculator crx 2.0 for Chrome

Desmos Graphing Calculator

About: Beautiful, powerful, free math exploration! Brought to you by

SketchUp for Schools crx 2.0.0 for Chrome

SketchUp for Schools

About: SketchUp in a browser for Primary and Secondary Schools signed up with G Suite for Education....

Istation crx 208 for Chrome


About: Access the Istation environment with this application....

Snapverter crx 2.0.1 for Chrome


About: Convert classroom papers to accessible files...

Learning Ally Audiobooks crx 4.6.12 for Chrome

Learning Ally Audiobooks

About: Access the largest human-narrated audiobook library, including key features for students with print disabilities...

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