Most Installed Themes for Chrome or Chromium (Most Installed)

Updated: November 27, 2022

Most Installed in Themes for Chrome or Chromium browser

Just Black crx 3 for Chrome

Just Black

About: Midnight monochrome...

Morpheon Dark crx 5.2 for Chrome

Morpheon Dark

About: A minimalistic dark theme without any distractions...

Into The Mist crx 1 for Chrome

Into The Mist

About: Simple, dark Google Chrome theme with a polished look. The photograph used in this photo is not mine but rather photography from…...

Sea Foam crx 1.1 for Chrome

Sea Foam

About: Sea Foam: You can almost smell the ocean...

Rose crx 2 for Chrome


About: Rose: A blush of color for your browser...

Slate crx 2 for Chrome


About: Slate is cool and composed...

Dark Theme crx for Chrome

Dark Theme

About: The best dark Chrome theme for your web browser. It's simple and coherent....

Slinky Elegant crx 20.0 for Chrome

Slinky Elegant

About: Smart. Simple. Beautiful Theme...

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag crx 1.2 for Chrome

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

About: Visit for more themes!...

Classic Blue crx 2.2 for Chrome

Classic Blue

About: Just like the old days ;)...

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