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Themes: Into the Forest. There are total 17 extensions in this collection for Chrome or Chromium browser.

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Forest Waterfall crx 1 for Chrome

Forest Waterfall

About: A forest waterfall theme by Ruben Holthuijsen...

Night-Forest crx 1.6 for Chrome


About: Awesome theme for Atavi.com...

Galaxy-View crx 1.3 for Chrome


About: Galaxy-view...

Perseid Meteor Shower crx 1.2 for Chrome

Perseid Meteor Shower

About: 2015 Perseid meteor shower theme for Google Chrome, 1920x1200 resolution...

Amber Autumn crx 1.1 for Chrome

Amber Autumn

About: Now you can have a relaxing view of the Amber-ish fallen leaves on your Chrome, to feel even more the wonders of Autumn."That time of year thou...

Tree Branches crx 1 for Chrome

Tree Branches

About: Tree Branches Theme For Google Chrome. Stunning Image Quality, HD Custom Designed Theme, packed with incredible detail. Free Full…...

Into The Mist crx 1 for Chrome

Into The Mist

About: Simple, dark Google Chrome theme with a polished look. The photograph used in this photo is not mine but rather photography from…...