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Crx4Chrome includes 18 extensions from the developer

Black Rock Shooter crx 2 for Chrome

Black Rock Shooter

About: A Black Rock Shooter dark theme created by MegaBubbletea. Suitable for wide screen displays....

Kagerou Days crx 1 for Chrome

Kagerou Days

About: Kagerou Days Theme by MegaBubbletea * Nice cool blue theme for Kagerou Days and Mekakucity Actors fans! * Created for 1920x1080…...

Yuru Yuri Yui crx 2 for Chrome

Yuru Yuri Yui

About: Yuru Yuri Yui theme Theme by MegaBubbletea * Created for 1920x1080 and lower screen resolutions * +1 if you like it * Comment and…...

Tokyo Ghoul crx 1 for Chrome

Tokyo Ghoul

About: Tokyo Ghoul Theme by MegaBubbletea * Epic theme for all you Tokyo Ghoul fans out there, wishing there were more Tokyo Ghoul themes…...

Guilty Crown crx 1 for Chrome

Guilty Crown

About: Guilty Crown Theme by MegaBubbletea * Orange theme for Guilty Crown and dark theme lovers! * Created for 1920x1080 and lower…...

Takane Enemoto crx 2 for Chrome

Takane Enemoto

About: Takane Enemoto Theme by MegaBubbletea * This is Takane Enemoto from Kagerou Days (Mekakucity Actors/Mekakushi Dan) * Theme…...

Cardboard Day crx 1 for Chrome

Cardboard Day

About: Cardboard Day theme Theme by MegaBubbletea * Created in 1366*769 screen resolution * Built for wide screen displays * +1 if you…...

Anti-Skill crx 1 for Chrome


About: Anti-Skill theme from Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series Theme by MegaBubbletea * Created in 1366*769 screen resolution * Built…...

Snow Miku Revamped crx 2 for Chrome

Snow Miku Revamped

About: Snow Miku Revamped theme (Hatsune Miku) Theme by MegaBubbletea * REVAMPED VERSION FROM "Snow Miku" THEME * Darker theme * Created…...

Sakura Miku crx 1 for Chrome

Sakura Miku

About: Sakura Miku Theme by MegaBubbletea * A fresh, pink, spring theme for Miku fans! * Created for 1920x1080 and lower screen…...