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Crx4Chrome includes 14 extensions from the developer https://oss.mobilefirst.me.

Shortcuts for Chrome crx 3.6.0 for Chrome

Shortcuts for Chrome

About: Navigation menu of Chrome URLs: internal pages of the Google Chrome browser....

DoucheBlock for Twitter crx 1.3.1 for Chrome

DoucheBlock for Twitter

About: Automatically block anyone with specific keywords in their Twitter bio....

Quartz Pink crx 3.0.2 for Chrome

Quartz Pink

About: Pink theme for Chrome. Match your Chrome browser with your other computing accessories!...

Download All Images crx 3.1.0 for Chrome

Download All Images

About: Save all images in active tab as .zip file. Easily save photos from Instagram, Google Images, etc....

Fresh Yellow crx 0.0.2 for Chrome

Fresh Yellow

About: The freshest theme for your browser 🍋...

Deep Purple crx 0.0.2 for Chrome

Deep Purple

About: Purple theme for Chrome...

Temporary Inbox crx 1.2.0 for Chrome

Temporary Inbox

About: Anonymous, no-setup inbox for receiving email messages. Generate temporary email addresses on the fly....

Positive Nancy crx 2.0.2 for Chrome

Positive Nancy

About: Highlight or type text and have Positive Nancy say it out loud!...

Iltapeto crx 0.5.2 for Chrome


About: Iltapeto tekee iltalehden lukemisesta mukavampaa. Älä ole tavallinen Pertsa. Asenna Iltapeto....

Doodle Search - for Google Images crx 1.1.6 for Chrome

Doodle Search - for Google Images

About: Search Google Images™ by drawing doodles. Can Google guess correctly what you meant to draw?...