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Crx4Chrome includes 16 extensions from the developer loora.

Video & Audio Muxer crx 0.1.3 for Chrome New!

Video & Audio Muxer

About: Mux video and audio files from selected formats inside your browser!...

System Memory Usage crx 0.1.2 for Chrome

System Memory Usage

About: Monitor the system's memory via the toolbar popup or toolbar icon....

Take a Break crx 0.1.5 for Chrome

Take a Break

About: Reminds you to take a break at a customizable time frame....

Sound Meter crx 0.1.5 for Chrome

Sound Meter

About: Measure the surrounding sound (dB) and noise with your computer's microphone!...

Privacy Tweaks crx 0.1.5 for Chrome

Privacy Tweaks

About: Improve your online privacy with few tweaks via toolbar popup!...

Security Tweaks crx 0.1.5 for Chrome

Security Tweaks

About: Improve your online security with few tweaks via toolbar popup!...

File Guard crx 0.1.7 for Chrome

File Guard

About: Encrypt or decrypt any file with just one click inside your browser!...

SQLite Reader crx 0.1.3 for Chrome

SQLite Reader

About: Easily browse, edit and manage SQLite database inside your browser!...

Audio Converter crx 0.1.4 for Chrome

Audio Converter

About: Convert any audio file to selected formats (i.e. mp3) inside your browser!...

ZIP Reader crx 0.1.5 for Chrome

ZIP Reader

About: View & extract any zip file via an easy-to-use UI right in your browser!...