Top Free Blogging Extensions for Google Chrome

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Updated! Awesome Screenshot crx 3.9.38 for Chrome (Blogging Extension)

Awesome Screenshot CRX 3.9.38

Editor's word: Screencast, record screen as video. Screen capture for full page, annotate, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads..

Updated! MDEditor crx for Chrome (Blogging Extension)

MDEditor CRX

Editor's word: This extension makes it easy for you to post markdown document for static blog generator such as Jekyll..

Updated! Smedian Network crx 8.0.0 for Chrome (Blogging Extension)

Smedian Network CRX 8.0.0

Editor's word: Smedian is a community of Medium editors who need writers who need editors. Extension for all Medium users..

New! Quick Clip crx 0.2 for Chrome (Blogging Extension)

Quick Clip CRX 0.2

Editor's word: Quick Clip is an easy to use Chrome Extension that helps you keep all the links you need to copy and past regularly in one place..

Updated! Darker Medium crx 1.4.0 for Chrome (Blogging Extension)

Darker Medium CRX 1.4.0

Editor's word: Read Medium stories with happy eyes.