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Crx4Chrome includes 9 extensions from the developer

Fast Calendar crx 143 for Google Sheets

Fast Calendar

About: Add events in Google Calendar in few seconds Ajouter des événements rapidement dans Google Agenda. David Beauchesne

Fast Quiz crx 91 for Google Sheets

Fast Quiz

About: Students or teachers can create a Fast Quiz. This add-on convert a Sheets to a Google Form and give live feedback by email....

Fast Docs Sender crx 15 for Google Docs

Fast Docs Sender

About: Send your document to collaborators at precise date and hour....

Fast Mail crx 82 for Google Sheets

Fast Mail

About: Fast Mail is a merge tool to send email with your Gmail account. Send over 500 messages a day with a specific date and time....

Fast Team crx 43 for Google Sheets

Fast Team

About: You can create 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 teams or pick only one student. You can now create your Classroom Plan...

Fast Keyboard crx 10 for Google Docs

Fast Keyboard

About: Fast Keyboard let you add special character in few seconds in Google Docs....

Fast Form On/Off crx 80 for Google Forms

Fast Form On/Off

About: Fast Form On/Off is useful to limit responses and you can also schedule to Set On or Set Off a form to a specific Date and Time....

Fast Docs Notifier crx 15 for Google Docs

Fast Docs Notifier

About: Configure notifications when other users changes the Google Document....

Fast Google Classroom Blocker crx 1 for Google Sheets

Fast Google Classroom Blocker

About: Fast Google Classroom Blocker allows you to revoke access to students from files that are in a Google Classroom folder....