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New! Prizetyper crx 1.0 for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Game)

Prizetyper CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Practice typing famous quotes or compete against other users in a race through space to increase your typing speed.

Updated! Particolo crx for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Extension)

Particolo CRX

Editor's word: Fill the whole screen with just one particle color. Choose from 5 colors and decide which particles to change..

Updated! Collapse Blast crx for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Extension)

Collapse Blast CRX

Editor's word: Collapse as much as possible within 1 minute. Click/tap on a group of at least 3 same-color blocks to remove it..

Updated! Non-Stop Spinner crx for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Extension)

Non-Stop Spinner CRX

Editor's word: Use numbers and arrowkeys on the keyboard or the mouse to choose and rotate the fidget spinners (up to four simultaneously)..

Updated! Happy Harvesting crx for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Game)

Happy Harvesting CRX

Editor's word: Connect similar vegetables but you have limited time. try to make big chains and get power-ups to extend time and extra score..

Updated! Temple Ball crx for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Game)

Temple Ball CRX

Editor's word: Tap or click to take the ball through the sliding platforms. Watch your timing to avoid getting caught between the platforms..

Updated! Football A New Challenge crx for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Game)

Football A New Challenge CRX

Editor's word: Click the teammate who you want to receive your pass, but make sure there is no opponent in between you and your receiver.

Updated! Bubble Shooter Family Pack crx for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Game)

Bubble Shooter Family Pack CRX

Editor's word: Shoot the cannon to collect all of the fruits and to win a level before you run out of money..

Updated! Bubble Shooter Billionaire crx for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Game)

Bubble Shooter Billionaire CRX

Editor's word: Bubble shooter level pack includes the best features of a bubble shooter game having 30 challenges..