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Updated! Castles and Kingdoms: War Fire crx for Chrome (Role-Playing & Strategy Game)

Castles and Kingdoms: War Fire CRX

Editor's word: Build your kingdom, recruit a huge army and go battles! online war game..

Updated! Dominoes crx 2.0.8 for Chrome (Board & Card Game)

Dominoes CRX 2.0.8

Editor's word: Play some bones! Dominoes is the classic logic game. Single- and online multiplayer..

New! crx 1.0 for Chrome (Role-Playing & Strategy Game) CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Protect your general, command your army, take control of land, and capture other generals in this multiplayer strategy game..

New! Geometry Dash APK crx 2.2 for Chrome (Arcade & Action Game)

Geometry Dash APK CRX 2.2

Editor's word: Geometry Dash The game is very difficult, the background music is cool..

Updated! GeoArena Online crx 20.2 for Chrome (Arcade & Action Game)

GeoArena Online CRX 20.2

Editor's word: Fast-paced, last-man-standing style 1v1 battles..

New! Prizetyper crx 1.0 for Chrome (Puzzle & Brain Game)

Prizetyper CRX 1.0

Editor's word: Practice typing famous quotes or compete against other users in a race through space to increase your typing speed.

Updated! Arcane Legends crx 1.8.6 for Chrome (Role-Playing & Strategy Game)

Arcane Legends CRX 1.8.6

Editor's word: Adventure unleashed! Explore the magical world of Arcane Legends with companions on desktop and mobile for FREE!.