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Publisher: rawbytz

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Extensions or Apps Offered by rawbytz

Crx4Chrome includes 14 extensions from the developer rawbytz.

4 Smart Shortcuts crx 1.4 for Chrome New!

4 Smart Shortcuts

About: Define custom keyboard shortcuts for four favorite sites. Goes to a matching tab first. Creates a new tab if none exist....

WFx for WorkFlowy crx 2.6.0 for Chrome

WFx for WorkFlowy

About: Create intuitive text shortcuts to your favorite WorkFlowy lists, websites, and tools....

Google Calendar AutoHide Toolbars crx 0.2.7 for Chrome

Google Calendar AutoHide Toolbars

About: More events. Less toolbar....

Clip To WorkFlowy crx 2.1.0 for Chrome

Clip To WorkFlowy

About: Bookmark websites in WorkFlowy...

WorkFlowy to Google Calendar crx 3.2.1 for Chrome

WorkFlowy to Google Calendar

About: Add a WorkFlowy bullet (or any webpage) to Google Calendar in two clicks....

DropFlowy crx 0.3.4 for Chrome


About: Load custom CSS to WorkFlowy from a shared Dropbox link....

Toggle Last Tab crx 0.1.3 for Chrome

Toggle Last Tab

About: Toggle to your last tab using a keyboard shortcut....

Clip To WorkFlowy GO crx for Chrome

Clip To WorkFlowy GO

About: Bookmark websites in WorkFlowy...

WorkFindy for WorkFlowy crx 2.4 for Chrome

WorkFindy for WorkFlowy

About: Search WorkFlowy. From any website or Workflowy page. Select text or enter it. Simple. Surprisingly useful....

Convert To Popup crx 1.6 for Chrome

Convert To Popup

About: Converts the current tab or link to a popup window...