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Crx4Chrome includes 26 extensions from the developer

Calendar w/ Lunar Phases crx 1.2 for Chrome

Calendar w/ Lunar Phases

About: This app will help you keep track of time, including the lunar phases...

Download Speed Tool crx 1.0 for Chrome

Download Speed Tool

About: How fast is your download speeds? You can check with this app...

Musical Note Quiz crx 1.0 for Chrome

Musical Note Quiz

About: Can you name that musical note? Take this music quiz and find out...

Dictionary Study Helper crx 1.1 for Chrome

Dictionary Study Helper

About: This app will help you utilize various online study resources quickly and easily...

Interactive Fish Aquarium crx 1.0 for Chrome

Interactive Fish Aquarium

About: Click on the aquarium and watch the fish react...

Intelligence Quiz crx 1.0 for Chrome

Intelligence Quiz

About: Find out just how smart you are with this IQ test app...

Ask the Magic 8 Ball crx 1.3 for Chrome

Ask the Magic 8 Ball

About: Do you have unaswerable questions? Then be sure to ask the all knowing magic 8 ball...

Bible Research Helper crx 1.0 for Chrome

Bible Research Helper

About: This app will help you study the Bible more completely. There is also an option to listen to the bible read aloud to you...

Daily Word Definitions crx 1.0 for Chrome

Daily Word Definitions

About: Learn a new word definition each day! You can also look up the definition to other words as well...

Amazing Astronomy crx 1.1 for Chrome

Amazing Astronomy

About: View an amazing astronomy image each day courtesy of NASA...