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Crx4Chrome includes 4 extensions from the developer chrexts01e05.

Super Mario Stars Scramble 2 crx for Chrome

Super Mario Stars Scramble 2

About: A sequel with new levels, enemies and secrets. Collect all the shine sprites and defeat Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom!...

Mahjong Cubes crx for Chrome

Mahjong Cubes

About: Fantastic edition of Super Mario. Collect items and unlock the door. Arrowkeys - move, UP - open doors, SPACE, Z - jump, X - fire....

Super Mafia crx for Chrome

Super Mafia

About: Jump, run, and solve puzzles in the misterious Super Mafia land. Arrowkeys to move, `A` to run and pick....

Just Tetris crx for Chrome

Just Tetris

About: Move and rotate the falling pieces with the arrow-keys. Aim to create complete rows to destroy them...