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App Count: 7

Publisher: Dusan Halicky

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Extensions or Apps Offered by Dusan Halicky

Crx4Chrome includes 7 extensions from the developer Dusan Halicky.

Furigana crx 3.0.90 for Chrome


About: Convert japanese text (kanji, kana) to latin (roumaji)...

Improvements crx 0.1.14 for Chrome


About: Modify any website by adding small piece of JS. Remove ugly fonts, increase contrast, etc....

Azbuka crx 2.0.60 for Chrome


About: Convert Cyrillic to Latin, or Latin to Cyrillic. Now with medžuslovjansky support....

Callisto Space Simulator crx 1.0.83 for Chrome

Callisto Space Simulator

About: Newtonian non-relativistic current technology real-time space simulator with visual and instrumental flight...

Alien invasion crx 1.0.53 for Chrome

Alien invasion

About: Shoot down different aliens attacking earth and progressively improve ship. 2D offline space shooter, keyboard and mouse required....

Ghost Chat Bot crx 1.0.211 for Chrome

Ghost Chat Bot

About: Chat with simple chat bot, teach him new stuff....

Tc Calculator crx 0.1.30 for Chrome

Tc Calculator

About: Simple offline BC-like calculator for programmers with support for user defined functions and history....