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Word Cloud Generator 31 for Google Docs

Word Cloud Generator

NEW: High impact colorful word clouds with ability to change colors, size of clouds, drop words. Download now enabled in two sizes...

NewsFinder 7 for Chrome


Find news from around the web using contextual web search based on topic and insert a link to source with a click...

GSheets Calc 4 for Google Sheets

GSheets Calc

Add, subtract and perform basic math within Google Sheets using GSheets Calc. And even insert the result with a click...

Medium Article Writer 2 for Chrome

Medium Article Writer

The Medium Article Writer Add-on for Google Docs helps authors to create content and publish to Medium directly from Google Docs....

Pixabay Free Images 9 for Chrome

Pixabay Free Images

Use this add-on to choose from thousands of free images and insert them in your Google Docs document....

GTable Calculator 14 for Google Docs

GTable Calculator

Do math on a series of cells of a Google doc table. There is a regular calculator so you can do all your math right within the doc...

Word Cloud Web App 1 for Chrome

Word Cloud Web App

Generates word cloud from google docs, web pages - even some PDFs and images...