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App Count: 8

Publisher: code108labs

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Extensions or Apps Offered by code108labs

Crx4Chrome includes 8 extensions from the developer code108labs.

Json Borne crx 2.0.4 for Chrome

Json Borne

About: Validate your json and format it in human readable form...

Batman Wallpapers crx 2.1.0 for Chrome

Batman Wallpapers

About: Set the Batman wallpaper on new tab....

Nature wallpapers crx 2.0.4 for Chrome

Nature wallpapers

About: Set the Nature/scenic wallpaper on new tab....

Ironman New Tab Wallpapers crx 2.0.5 for Chrome

Ironman New Tab Wallpapers

About: Set the Ironman wallpaper on new tab....

Cute Cat New Tab crx 1.0.8 for Chrome

Cute Cat New Tab

About: Set the cute cat wallpaper on new tab....

Islam Wallpapers New Tab crx 1.0.5 for Chrome

Islam Wallpapers New Tab

About: Set the Islam wallpaper on new tab....

Cosmos Wallpapers crx 1.0.2 for Chrome

Cosmos Wallpapers

About: Set the Cosmos wallpaper on new tab....

Cute Dog New Tab crx 1.0.7 for Chrome

Cute Dog New Tab

About: Set the cute dog wallpaper on new tab...