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App Count: 7

Publisher: Akmal Razali

Extensions or Apps Offered by Akmal Razali

Crx4Chrome includes 7 extensions from the developer Akmal Razali.

Google Contacts Launcher crx 1.0 for Chrome

Google Contacts Launcher

About: Browse and manage your Google Contacts easily with Google Contacs Wrapper...

Quran Flash crx 1.7 for Chrome

Quran Flash

About: Read your Quran daily like never before. Comes with unique interface, multiple translations and recitations. Start with Bismillah =D...

Wechat crx 1.4 for Chrome


About: Wechat Chrome - Wechat WebApp Optimize for Chrome Browser...

Gmail App Launcher crx 1.2 for Chrome

Gmail App Launcher

About: Access your email via Gmail directly with this app...

Play Music Launcher crx 1.3 for Chrome

Play Music Launcher

About: A native Google Play Music wrapper for your Chrome Browser...

Twitter crx 1.2 for Chrome


About: A simple intuitive twitter app for your Chrome Browser...

App Launcher for Google Maps crx 1.3 for Chrome

App Launcher for Google Maps

About: Discover google maps easily from your Google Chrome...