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App Count: 4

Publisher: busterc

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Extensions or Apps Offered by busterc

Crx4Chrome includes 4 extensions from the developer busterc.

Disable Extensions Temporarily crx 1.1 for Chrome

Disable Extensions Temporarily

About: Temporarily disable all your extensions with one click. Click again and you re-enable all your previously disabled extensions....

Cite Marker crx 1.0.3 for Chrome

Cite Marker

About: Mark snippets and quotes quickly then easily retrieve and cite them later....

GitHub Similar Repositories crx 1.1.1 for Chrome

GitHub Similar Repositories

About: Discover & upvote similar git repos on GitHub. Search less, clone & fork more. Recommend a repository. Gist support coming soon....

jsFiddle Player crx 1.0 for Chrome

jsFiddle Player

About: Opens jsFiddle output to a single unified html page in a new window or tab with one click from the Omnibox...