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Crx4Chrome includes 7 extensions from the developer Matt Zeunert.

Immutable.js Object Formatter crx 1.9.3 for Chrome

Immutable.js Object Formatter

About: Makes Immutable JS objects more readable when they are logged to the console....

JavaScript Breakpoint Collection crx 1.7.1 for Chrome

JavaScript Breakpoint Collection

About: Find what code is responsible for page behavior....

ElementHistory crx 1.6 for Chrome


About: See what code created or updated a DOM element...

OctoTern crx 1.1.0 for Chrome


About: Links variables to their definition when viewing JavaScript code on Github....

Babel Code Instrumenter crx 0.1.1 for Chrome

Babel Code Instrumenter

About: Write custom babel plugins and run them on any website...

Kashflow Open in New Tab crx 0.1.2 for Chrome

Kashflow Open in New Tab

About: This application enables users of the Kashflow accounting software to open links in a new tab....

Page Traffic Summary (using Google Analytics) crx 1.1.8 for Chrome

Page Traffic Summary (using Google Analytics)

About: View a traffic summary for the pages you're most interested in....