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Crx4Chrome includes 6 extensions from the developer lensvol.

FL Small Mercies 3.1.3 for Chrome

FL Small Mercies

Set of small 'fixes' for Fallen London UI....

FL Duly Noted 1.0.2 for Chrome

FL Duly Noted

Leave notes on storylet branches in Fallen London....

FL Quirk Master 1.0.4 for Chrome

FL Quirk Master

Annotate branches which influence your Quirks....

FL Masquerade 1.1.1 for Chrome New!

FL Masquerade

Manage multiple identities in "Fallen London" browser game....

FL Mystery Sorter 1.2.0 for Chrome New!

FL Mystery Sorter

Show various things in Fallen London properly sorted....

FL Time Keeper 1.1.1 for Chrome New!

FL Time Keeper

Display convenient reminder when Time the Healer comes....