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Crx4Chrome includes 6 extensions from the developer lensvol.

FL Small Mercies crx 2.1.1 for Chrome

FL Small Mercies

About: Set of small 'fixes' for Fallen London UI....

FL Quirk Master crx 1.0.3 for Chrome

FL Quirk Master

About: Annotate branches which influence your Quirks....

FL Duly Noted crx 1.0.0 for Chrome New!

FL Duly Noted

About: Leave notes on storylet branches in Fallen London....

FL Masquerade crx 1.1.1 for Chrome New!

FL Masquerade

About: Manage multiple identities in "Fallen London" browser game....

FL Mystery Sorter crx 1.2.0 for Chrome New!

FL Mystery Sorter

About: Show various things in Fallen London properly sorted....

FL Time Keeper crx 1.1.1 for Chrome New!

FL Time Keeper

About: Display convenient reminder when Time the Healer comes....