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Crx4Chrome includes 8 extensions from the developer

SubTrans crx 3.3.1 for Chrome


About: General Subtitle Translator for Multiple Sites. Displays bilingual subtitles. Supported sites are actively increasing....

Microsoft Text-to-Speech Downloader crx 1.7.0 for Chrome

Microsoft Text-to-Speech Downloader

About: Download Microsoft Text-to-Speech website demo app synthesized speech with 1 click....

Udemy Dual Subtitles crx 3.3.0 for Chrome

Udemy Dual Subtitles

About: Subtitle translator for Udemy. Displays bilingual subtitles....

Coursera Dual Subtitles crx 1.5.0 for Chrome

Coursera Dual Subtitles

About: Subtitle translator for Coursera. Displays bilingual subtitles....

SimInterpr crx 1.4.0 for Chrome


About: Translate YouTube video subtitles and speak out. Just like a YouTube virtual simultaneous interpreter....

Highlightion crx 1.1.1 for Chrome New!


About: Highlight content on any web page and save to Notion databases....

Bookmarks to Notion crx 1.1.1 for Chrome New!

Bookmarks to Notion

About: Sync Browser Bookmarks with Notion Database. Centralize your bookmarks....

Google Calendar Font Customizer crx 1.1.1 for Chrome New!

Google Calendar Font Customizer

About: Font settings for Google Calendar. Let you set font style with ease....