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Crx4Chrome includes 4 extensions from the developer

Zombie Slayer crx 5.3 for Chrome

Zombie Slayer

About: The world is being overcome by Zombies, it is up to YOU to eradicate in the best online Zombie RPG...

Pirate Clan crx 5.2 for Chrome

Pirate Clan

About: Ahoy Matey! Master the lawless high seas as a cutthroat captain in the best online Pirate RPG...

Mob Wars LCN crx 9.2 for Chrome

Mob Wars LCN

About: Fullfill your family duty in Mob Wars LCN the best online mafia crime mmo...

Viking Clan crx 5.2 for Chrome

Viking Clan

About: Grab Thor's Hammer and confront the giants, gods and monsters of the 9 worlds in the best online Viking RPG...