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Crx4Chrome includes 5 extensions from the developer

Bulk Slack Message Removal crx 0.5.0 for Chrome New!

Bulk Slack Message Removal

About: Delete Slack messages in bulk. It supports removing slack messages in public channels, private channels, group chat, and DM.…...

WebMasterTools: Bulk Outdated Content Removal crx 1.0.9 for Chrome

WebMasterTools: Bulk Outdated Content Removal

About: This extension performs Google Webmaster Tools' "remove outdated content" against a list of URLs., so you don't need to enter…...

Slack Channel Membership Exporter crx 0.2.0 for Chrome New!

Slack Channel Membership Exporter

About: With one click, you can export member information to a CSV file on a per channel basis. In fact, you can export multiple channels…...

Bing Webmaster Tools - Bulk Url Removal crx 0.4.0 for Chrome

Bing Webmaster Tools - Bulk Url Removal

About: This extension can remove a list of URLs from Bing via Bing Webmaster Tools with one click. You don't need to copy and paste…...

JSON Manipulator crx 0.4.0 for Chrome

JSON Manipulator

About: NEW FEATURE: convert JSON to CSV, even if your JSON is arbitrarily nested. Discoverable Json essentially flattens your JSON data…...