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Extensions or Apps Offered by Rongjian Zhang

Crx4Chrome includes 10 extensions from the developer Rongjian Zhang.

JSON Viewer crx 2.0.0 for Chrome

JSON Viewer

About: Port of Firefox's JSON Viewer...

Console Importer crx 2.1.0 for Chrome

Console Importer

About: Import JavaScript and CSS resources from console, with one command...

QRCode Helper crx 0.0.1 for Chrome New!

QRCode Helper

About: Read and generate QRCode...

Octohint crx 2.0.9 for Chrome


About: IntelliSense hint for GitHub...

HTTP Indicator crx 1.1.0 for Chrome

HTTP Indicator

About: Indicator for HTTP/2, QUIC and HTTP/3...

Teambition Enhancer crx 1.2.0 for Chrome New!

Teambition Enhancer

About: Add a button to copy Teambition task link URL conveniently...

System Monitor crx 1.5.1 for Chrome

System Monitor

About: Monitor system status like CPU, memory, battery...

Tampery crx 0.0.4 for Chrome


About: Tamper browser requests in flight...

Octoview crx 1.0.0 for Chrome


About: The missing preview feature for GitHub...

Memory Monitor crx 1.0.0 for Chrome

Memory Monitor

About: Monitor memory status at location bar...