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Crx4Chrome includes 6 extensions from the developer Aaron Horler.

Startup Cookie Destroyer 1.2.0 for Chrome

Startup Cookie Destroyer

Remove unwanted cookies and site data on start-up, and manually from the toolbar....

Do Not Track (DNT) Enabler 1.0 for Chrome

Do Not Track (DNT) Enabler

Enable sending of the Do Not Track (DNT) request header. This extension is intended for deployment in organisations....

History Disabler 2.1.0 for Chrome

History Disabler

Disable history in Chrome by deleting history when responsible tabs are closed....

WebRTC Leak Prevent Toggle 1.0.14 for Chrome

WebRTC Leak Prevent Toggle

Toggle WebRTC leak prevention using the official API....

WebRTC Leak Prevent 1.0.14 for Chrome

WebRTC Leak Prevent

Prevent WebRTC leaks using the official API....

Encrypted Bookmarks 2.0 for Chrome

Encrypted Bookmarks

Store private bookmarks encrypted in Chrome's local storage....