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Crx4Chrome includes 6 extensions from the developer brettz9.

Open Wiki Edit Page crx 0.8.0 for Chrome New!

Open Wiki Edit Page

About: Context menu to translate Mediawiki-style links (as at Wikipedia) into corresponding edit links. Also open ISBN links into Amazon....

Open ISBN crx 0.3.0 for Chrome New!


About: Lets one highlight text or a link containing an ISBN and visit the ISBN at

Enumerate Site crx 0.2.0 for Chrome

Enumerate Site

About: Obtain search results directly from the URL bar specific to the site in the currently active tab...

Jump To Anchor crx 0.10.0 for Chrome

Jump To Anchor

About: Context menu item to jump to the closest anchor to the selected text (if any) or to the right-click point otherwise....

Enumerate crx 0.2.1 for Chrome


About: Obtain search results directly from the URL bar...

Append To Clipboard crx 2.2.3 for Chrome

Append To Clipboard

About: Append copied text to the clipboard, optionally with separators...