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Crx4Chrome includes 5 extensions from the developer

Looker Studio Auto Refresh 5.7 for Chrome

Looker Studio Auto Refresh

Auto-refresh and automated pagination of your Google Looker Studio reports, on a chosen interval....

Google Analytics UTM Builder 10.2.1 for Chrome

Google Analytics UTM Builder

Add UTMs to URL with this hyper version of Google Analytics UTM Builder. Add and manage UTM presets, create workspaces and share...

No Stress Booking 0.2.3 for Chrome

No Stress Booking

Hides all the red alerts and stressful messages from your favourite booking site...

Data Studio Magnifier 1.1 for Chrome

Data Studio Magnifier

Data Studio Magnifier...

Adsensor 1.6 for Chrome


Adsensor identifies Adsense (or DoubleClick) ads availability, including requested dimensions, on any site or page...