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App Count: 9

Publisher: code for charity

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Extensions or Apps Offered by code for charity

Crx4Chrome includes 9 extensions from the developer code for charity.

Auto Scroll crx 1.0 for Chrome New!

Auto Scroll

About: Auto Scroll tool. Works with all websites!...

Frame By Frame crx 3.5 for Chrome

Frame By Frame

About: Best Frame By Frame Tool. Works with all websites! Move your mouse cursor over video and use keyboard arrows to switch frames....

Text Editor crx 2.0 for Chrome New!

Text Editor

About: Edit text in the browser with Text Editor πŸ‘Œ, , Features:, - Import files from your device, - Export files to your device, - Save files…...

Dark Mode crx 3.3.14 for Chrome

Dark Mode

About: Dark Mode, read at night. Bluelight filter for every website. Relax your eyes at night and day....

ToDo crx 3.5 for Chrome


About: With the To-Do extension you get a simple popup to capture your ideas, goals and daily tasks....

Regex crx 1.5 for Chrome New!


About: The Regex Search. Simply use Regex on any page with familiar Ctrl+F visuals. Works with all websites!πŸ‘Œ Features: βœ“ Ctrl+Shift+F…...

unBlob crx 0.7 for Chrome


About: Best unblob Tool. Open any audio/video outside of websites! πŸ‘Œ...

Looper crx 1.1 for Chrome


About: Best Loop Tool. Works with all websites! Move your mouse cursor over any video and set loop in a portion/range....

Regex Replace crx 1.1 for Chrome

Regex Replace

About: Regex replace. Replace anything on every site. Regex replace anywhere. Replace HTML. Use regular expression to Inject html,…...