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Crx4Chrome includes 4 extensions from the developer

爱幕 (AiMu) crx 1.1.8 for Chrome

爱幕 (AiMu)

About: Works with any website with audio, supports multiple languages and translations...

云快照 crx 1.0.4 for Chrome


About: 一键保存网站的快照(截图 + 网页)到云服务器上...

Bilibili 录播姬 crx 3.0.2 for Chrome

Bilibili 录播姬

About: 一键录制 Bilibili 直播间视频,不用错过主播的精彩时刻。...

车辆车牌识别 crx 1.0.0 for Chrome New!


About: 免费检测图片中的车辆,识别出车辆的品牌、颜色、位置、车牌位置等信息...