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App Count: 9

Publisher: nim.extensions

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Extensions or Apps Offered by nim.extensions

Crx4Chrome includes 9 extensions from the developer nim.extensions.

KBD To MIDI Piano crx 1.6.5 for Chrome


About: An offline piano with MIDI export and audio recording functions...

KBD To MIDI Drums crx 1.3.6 for Chrome


About: A keyboard controlled Drum Machine that can export your session to a MIDI file and record through your microphone...

Always on Top crx 3.0.2 for Chrome

Always on Top

About: Open an address inside a window that stays on top...

Audio Channel crx 2.7.4 for Chrome

Audio Channel

About: Tab audio limiter, equalizer, volume control and sound effects...

Mono/Pan crx 1.0.1 for Chrome


About: Tab Audio Pan and Mono Toggle...

Audio Channel Lite crx 2.2.6 for Chrome

Audio Channel Lite

About: Chrome Tab Audio Compressor and Equalizer...

Download Shutdown crx 3.2.3 for Chrome

Download Shutdown

About: Closes all Chrome windows when download list is completed...

Karaoke On Demand crx 1.2.1 for Chrome

Karaoke On Demand

About: Turn streaming music to Karaoke and sing along using your microphone....

AOT YouTube TV crx 1.1.5 for Chrome

AOT YouTube TV

About: Opens YouTube™ TV inside an always on top window...