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'Pull Tabs v0.15.1' (Updated: February 27, 2019)

Pull Tabs for Chrome

A browser extension to help manage open tabs by bulk saving them to pocket, downloading, bookmarking or closing them. An advanced view also allows you to choose tab by tab what to do with each tab ...

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'Six v0.0.0.2' (Updated: April 12, 2013)

Six for Chrome

six is a 6-frame translation tool for converting DNA and RNA sequences into protein. Select text containing a sequence, then click the six icon and choose which reading frame to translate in.Pote ...

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'Green Shapes v1' (Updated: March 13, 2013)

Green Shapes for Chrome

This simple theme features various green shapes that make a sleek mosaic. At the top there is a carbon fiber backing that adds a nice touch to the whole thing.green, shape, triangle, triangles, c ...

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'Nike v1' (Updated: March 13, 2013)

Nike for Chrome

This Nike theme is minimal and features the logo throughout the theme. It has the inspiring words "Just Do It." at the bottom. Enjoy!Nike, Sport, Athletic, Swoosh, White, Black, Footba ...

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'Ascii Camera Capture Example v1' (Updated: December 10, 2012)

Ascii Camera Capture Example for Chrome

A simple application that accesses the video device and converts the images to ascii characters.

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'New York Knicks Linsanity v1' (Updated: March 13, 2013)

New York Knicks Linsanity for Chrome

This features Jeremy Lin and his "Linsanity". It has 2 New York Knick logos and the team colors. At the top there is an orange crosshatch pattern with blue tabs. Check out my other themes!NYC, ...

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'Subscription Bar Remover For Youtube v2.1.15' (Updated: August 27, 2012)

Subscription Bar Remover For Youtube for Chrome

Removes Youtube's New Subscriptions Bar & Stops Auto Playing The Next video.Firefox Version: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/82587Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX1-Fr8-AfsI ...

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