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Chrome Extensions or Apps Published By The Chrome team - Page 2

App Count: 36

Publisher: The Chrome team

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Extensions or Apps Offered by The Chrome team - Page 2

Crx4Chrome includes 36 extensions from the developer The Chrome team.

Bubble Safari crx 1.2 for Chrome New!

Bubble Safari

About: Bubble Safari: By Janelle Cummins...

The Explorer crx 1.1 for Chrome

The Explorer

About: The Explorer: By Janelle Cummins...

Field of Dreams crx 1 for Chrome

Field of Dreams

About: Field of Dreams: By Laci Jordan...

Night Light crx 1.1 for Chrome

Night Light

About: Night Light: By Olivia Fields...

Ntentan (Connections) crx 1.1 for Chrome

Ntentan (Connections)

About: Ntentan (Connections): By Derrick Ofosu Boateng...

A Passion crx 1.1 for Chrome

A Passion

About: A Passion: By Abelle Hayford...

Undergrowth crx 1 for Chrome


About: Undergrowth: By Olivia Fields...

Stargazers crx 1 for Chrome


About: Stargazers: By Olivia Fields...

Golden crx 1 for Chrome


About: Golden: By Sabrena Khadija...

Through the Lily Pad crx 1.1 for Chrome

Through the Lily Pad

About: Through the Lily Pad: By Janelle Cummins...